Learning Pathway Modules

These free course resources for building classroom assessment capacity includes a set of nine formative assessment training modules to support deeper learning. These formative assessment training eLearning resources are self-paced. Use these formative assessment training materials, which include videos, to improve your assessment and evaluation practices.

About this learning path:

We’ve created these learning paths to provide you with a coherent learning experience, bringing together a variety of resources and media that support specific learning objectives. 

This learning path offers a self-paced, flexible route to becoming a formative assessor who is committed to equity and excellence in diverse classrooms. It helps you blend instructional and assessment “moves” seamlessly, during each lesson, to re-connect students to the subject content while helping everyone check for understanding.

The formative assessment moves framework introduced in this series will open up new opportunities to help teachers and students recognize, evaluate and use “soft data” that emerges during and across a set of lessons. It invites all to drive towards deeper learning with an open, visible classroom-based formative assessment process committed to continuous improvement.

By offering practical tips, video-based examples, worksheets, and templates, you will have the tools you need to make progress–minute by minute, day by day–with assessment for learning practices rooted in research on what works.

Formative assessment is the key to deeper learning and visible learning for all.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2 on Priming

Module 3 on Posing

Module 4 on Pausing

Module 5 on Probing

Module 6 on Bouncing

Module 7 on Tagging

Module 8 on Binning

Module 9 on Closing Opportunity Gaps