Module 9: Closing Opportunity Gaps

This module offers examples of how to use the “Formative Assessment Moves” framework at the classroom or school-level to support teachers who aim at  closing opportunity gaps in linguistically, culturally, and economically diverse classrooms. We offer templates for integrating Formative Assessment  Moves into inquiry-based lesson plans and we describe how to use video-based, formative assessment-driven lesson study to connect PLC work that connects deeper learning and equity to real-time instruction in a positive, caring, and thoughtful classroom learning environment.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • A 20-25 minute video explaining Formative Assessment Moves
  • Video clip(s) of formative assessment moves in action in authentic classroom settings
  • Checks for understanding and a Glossary to help you clarify content
  • A PDF of References

Learning Objectives

  • Integrate formative assessment MOVES into lesson plans
  • Connect PLC work on deeper learning and equity to classroom assessment practices
  • Utilize soft data within a lesson and across units of instructions aimed at closing opportunity gaps
  • Integrate formative assessment moves with high-leverage instructional practices