Seven High-leverage Formative Assessment Moves to Support ELLs

In the authors’ 2017 book Mastering Formative Assessment Moves (ASCD), they outlined seven high-leverage formative assessment strategies that promote ambitious teaching and deeper learning. Since then, they’ve worked with pre- and in-service teachers who are implementing the new English Language Development Standards (2014) in California, and they have begun to… Read More

Making Moves: Formative Assessment in Mathematics

Research on teacher professional learning has shown that formative assessment can improve student learning more than most instructional practices (Hattie 2012). Empirical evidence indicates that thoughtfully implemented formative assessment practices improve students’ learning, increase students’ scores, and narrow achievement gaps between low-achieving students and others (Black and Wiliam 1998). Given… Read More

Formative Assessment in Seven Good Moves

Students may struggle with such questions if they’re unfamiliar with assessment practices that seek to promote student learning, rather than those that merely focus on evaluating achievement. This article looks at seven moves teachers can make to improve their formative assessment techniques and become better, more responsive formative assessors in the… Read More