Feedback for Continuous Improvement in the Classroom

November 9, 2022

Educators Brent Duckor and Carrie Holmberg show you how to plan, enact, and reflect on feedback practices within lessons and across units using an accessible, comprehensive, and innovative framework that illuminates the path towards equity and excellence for all. With evidence-based research and real classroom examples, Feedback for Continuous Improvement in the Classroom answers:

What is formative feedback? How does it influence student outcomes and teacher pedagogy?
Why are well-defined learning goals, aligned with rich tasks and progress guides, essential to making feedback truly formative?
What are essential facets of teacher, peer, and self-driven feedback?
How does feedback work best in whole-class, small group, or individual configurations?
What can make written, spoken, and nonverbal feedback modalities more effective—for all?
How can focusing on feedback improve learning across all subject matter disciplines?
Prompts for self-reflection, videos, vignettes, and scaffolds throughout help readers see how effective feedback can be embedded into classrooms and school communities committed to discovery, growth, and deeper learning.